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Ratios and Statistics Analysis

Ratios and Statistics Analysis: The Unparalleled Roadmap to Business Success

Ratios and Statistics Analysis: The Unparalleled Roadmap to Business Success

Ratios and Statistics Analysis: Navigating the complexities of the business world demands more than intuition and good luck. To rise above uncertainty and competition, businesses need tools that allow them to make informed, strategic decisions. This is where Ratios and Statistics Analysis by The Achieve Corporation enters the picture as a transformative solution.

Ratios and Statistics Analysis: Why its Crucial for Your Business

Financial ratios are instrumental in synthesising vast arrays of financial statements into actionable insights. By using these ratios, your business can optimise its operations in ways that aren’t just based on gut feeling. Calculations involving working capital, pricing structures, profit margins, and asset efficiency can all be derived, providing a dashboard of your company’s financial health.

Analysis of past performance coupled with forecasting future performance illuminates a path for business development. Gap analysis—assessing the disparity between these two sets of figures—identifies areas for improvement, streamlining costs and amplifying profits. In short, Ratios and Statistics Analysis is not a luxury; it’s a necessity for any business that is serious about maintaining a competitive edge.

Ratios and Statistics Analysis: Achieve Corporation’s Comprehensive Offering
Profitability Metrics

EBIT: Your company’s earnings before interest and taxes.

EBITDA: Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation.

Adjusted EBITDA: EBITDA that accounts for anomalies or irregularities.

ROA: Return on Assets.

ROCE: Return on Capital Employed.

ROE: Return on Equity.

Gross Profit Ratio: Ratio of gross profit to net sales.

Operating Profit Ratio: Indicates operational efficiency and profitability.

Pre-tax Profit Ratio: Profitability measurement prior to tax obligations.

Net Profit Ratio: Net profit in relation to each pound of revenue generated.

Liquidity Ratios

Current Ratio: Measures your ability to cover short-term obligations.

Quick Ratio: Also known as the acid-test ratio.

Working Capital: The capital used in day-to-day trading operations.

Working Capital Ratio: A broader view of your short-term financial standing.

Solvency/Leverage Ratios

Debt Equity (DE) Ratio: Indicates the proportion of debt and equity in financing your assets.

TOL/TNA: Total Outside Liabilities to Total Net Assets.

Capital Gearing Ratio: Measures financial risk in capital structure.

Degree of Operating Leverages (DOL): Sensitivity of EBIT to changes in sales.

Degree of Financing Leverages (DFL): Sensitivity of EPS to changes in EBIT.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR): Ability to service debt payments.

Future Capital Pricing Based on ROCE: Anticipating capital cost based on current ROCE.

Efficiency Ratios

Debtors Turnover Ratio: The speed at which a company collects outstanding accounts.

Debtors Days: How long it takes to collect outstanding payments.

Capital Turnover Ratio: Efficiency in utilising capital to generate revenue.

Future Capitalisation based on Capital Turnover: Projections of capital needs based on current turnover metrics.

 The Achieve Corporation Advantage

The Achieve Corporation’s Ratios and Statistics Analysis offering is an exhaustive, multi-dimensional tool designed for businesses aiming for sustainable growth. Our tailored analyses cover all fundamental aspects of your business: from profitability and liquidity to solvency and efficiency. By integrating these insights into your business strategy, you’re not merely surviving—you’re thriving in a highly competitive marketplace.

Don’t leave your business performance to chance. Opt for The Achieve Corporation’s Ratios and Statistics Analysis and turn data into your most valuable asset.

Easy-to-Understand Business Valuation Report Summary

Don’t leave your business’s worth to speculation or incomplete methods. Make an informed, strategic decision today by investing in the Achieve Corporation Business Valuation Report. Contact us now to discover the full and true value of your business and secure a financial blueprint that is built to steer you towards enduring success.

Achieve Corporation is special in the world of business valuations. Our top-level partners have both academic and real-world know-how. Our methods are solid, complete, and quick, making sure you get a full view of what your business is worth.

Let us be your go-to partner for all things related to your business’s financial worth. We’ll help you see the full and true value of what you’ve built. Contact Achieve Corporation today for a valuation experience that transcends the ordinary.

All business valuations are conducted by Mark Roberts – Senior Partner: Financial Modelling and Valuations Analyst (FMVA) and Commercial Banking and Credit Analyst (CBCA).

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