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Past Successes

Celebrating Confidential Successes in the SME Sector with Achieve Corporation:

In the dynamic world of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), the journey to success is often as unique as the businesses themselves. At Achieve Corporation, we understand that the culmination of this journey – be it a trade sale, acquisition, or business exit – carries immense personal and professional significance. Our approach is rooted in respecting the privacy and confidentiality of these pivotal moments.

Confidentiality: The Core of Our Philosophy For many business owners, the value and specifics of their exit transactions are not just numbers; they’re a testament to years of dedication and hard work. Recognising this, Achieve Corporation upholds a strict policy of confidentiality. We believe that the discretion of these transactions is not only a matter of privacy but a sign of respect for the legacy each business owner has built.

Navigating Public Knowledge with Discretion: While certain aspects of business transactions might naturally enter the public domain, our commitment to discretion remains unwavering. We skilfully manage the balance between necessary disclosure and the preservation of our clients’ confidentiality. This careful navigation ensures that the public narrative remains respectful of our clients’ wishes and the integrity of their business journeys.

Open to Discussion, Bound by Trust: Our portfolio of successful SME transactions is a testament to our expertise and the trust placed in us by our clients. We are always open to sharing insights from our past projects. However, this openness comes with a steadfast commitment to confidentiality. Discussions around specific transactions are only initiated once a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is in place, and the necessary permissions have been secured. This process ensures that all parties involved can engage freely, knowing that their information is safeguarded.

Your Success, Our Expertise: At Achieve Corporation, we don’t just facilitate transactions; we foster long-term relationships built on trust, fair play, and a win/win philosophy. Our clients choose us not only for our ability to successfully navigate the complexities of SME transactions but also for our commitment to handling their success stories with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

In summary: Achieve Corporation stands as a beacon of trust and expertise in the SME sector. Our approach to confidentiality is not just a policy but a reflection of our respect for the unique stories behind each business success. We invite you to engage with us, confident in the knowledge that your story, too, will be handled with the same level of care and discretion.


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Sophisticated Software Company – Specialising in Information Security

Achieve Corporation: Mastering the Sale of a Leading Information Security Software Company In the fast-evolving world of information security, guiding a sophisticated software company through a successful business sale demands not only industry expertise but also strategic finesse. Achieve Corporation’s recent triumph in project managing the sale of a renowned software company specialising in information […]

SaaS – Software as a Service Provider

Achieve Corporation: Leading the Way in the SaaS Market Sale At Achieve Corporation, we specialise in navigating the complex landscape of Software as a Service (SaaS) business transactions. Our recent project managing the sale of a prominent SaaS provider stands as a testament to our expertise and strategic prowess in this dynamic sector. Client Focus: […]

UK Industrial Cleaning and Food Hygiene Services

Achieve Corporation: Navigating the Sale of a Premier UK Industrial Cleaning and Food Hygiene Services Company In the intricate sector of industrial cleaning and food hygiene services, facilitating a successful business sale requires not only profound sector knowledge but also a tailored approach to meet the unique needs of the industry. Achieve Corporation’s recent success […]

Achieve Corporation: Spearheading the Sale of Vesseltec UK Ltd

Achieve Corporation: Spearheading the Sale of Vesseltec UK Ltd, a Leading Pressure Vessel Manufacturer The realm of sophisticated manufacturing, especially in high-stakes sectors like pharmaceuticals, demands a nuanced approach to business sales. Achieve Corporation’s recent successful orchestration of the sale of Vesseltec UK Ltd, a premier manufacturer of pressure vessels and a Tier 1 supplier […]

Vehicle Bodyshop Providing FM Services to Government

Achieve Corporation: Steering Success in Business Sales At Achieve Corporation, we specialise in guiding businesses to successful outcomes. Our recent project, the sale of CSG Ltd, showcases our capability in handling complex transactions. CSG Ltd, known for its efficient FM services to government authorities, represented a unique opportunity in the market. Objective-Driven Market Analysis: Our […]

Specialist In Worldwide Distribution Of High-Quality Steels

Masteel Ltd – Specialist In Worldwide Distribution Of High-Quality Steels Achieve Corporation, a frontrunner in business sales and strategic transitions, is proud to highlight our success in managing the sale of Masteel Ltd, a global powerhouse in distributing high-quality steels. Strategic Sale with a Cultural Focus: Tasked with conducting a trade sale for Masteel Ltd, […]

Nutraceuticals Company – Successful Auction

Achieve Corporation: Your Partner in High-Value Business Sales Achieve Corporation specialises in facilitating high-stakes business sales, and our latest success story involves the sale of a unique Nutraceuticals Company. With new intellectual property and products, this company represented a prime opportunity in the pharmaceutical sector.Objective-Focused Strategy: Our mandate was clear: project manage the sale of […]

Online Travel Ticketing Company – Turnover £53 Million

Achieve Corporation: Your Gateway to Extraordinary Business Milestones Our recent collaboration with an Online Travel Ticketing Company, boasting an impressive turnover of £53 Million, stands as a testament to our expertise and commitment to excellence. The Challenge: Elevating Potential Our client, a titan in the online travel industry, sought to elevate their business potential by […]

UK IFA Practice

Achieve Corporation: Your Catalyst for Exceptional Financial Success Welcome to Achieve Corporation, the hallmark of excellence in financial advisory and strategic mergers and acquisitions. Our recent collaboration with a UK Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) Practice, a sector-specific giant, underscores our proficiency in navigating the complex realms of high-stakes financial transactions. The Mandate: A Confidential Auction […]

Green Energy Corporation

Achieve Corporation: Pioneering Partnerships in Green Energy Welcome to Achieve Corporation, where we transform visions into reality. Our latest triumph involves orchestrating a groundbreaking partnership between the Green Energy Corporation, a prestigious Hong Kong-based entity, and a UK subsidiary of   KC Green Holdings, a £ 440 million South Korean Company. This partnership exemplifies our expertise […]

Australian Mining Company

Achieve Corporation: Unearthing Success in the Mining Sector Welcome to Achieve Corporation, where our expertise in strategic project management and international collaborations sets us apart. Our recent venture with an Australian Mining Company, a major player in the precious minerals industry, showcases our ability to navigate and succeed in the complex world of mining and […]

U.K. Manufacturer of Plastics

Achieve Corporation: Sculpting Success in the Plastics Industry Welcome to Achieve Corporation, where our strategic expertise and deep market insight drive transformative results. Our collaboration with Visual Packaging Ltd, a leading U.K. manufacturer of plastics, stands as a shining example of our proficiency in navigating complex business landscapes and achieving successful outcomes. The Objective: A […]

Tier 1 Supplier to Food and Pharmaceutical Sector

Achieve Corporation: Engineering Success in the High-Stakes Market Welcome to Achieve Corporation, where our expertise in strategic project management and business transitions sets the standard. Our recent collaboration with a top-tier Precision Engineering Company, a key supplier to the food and pharmaceutical sectors, showcases our capacity to drive substantial outcomes in the highly competitive engineering […]

F.M. Company – Large Scale Electrical Testing

Client – F.M. Company – Specialising in Large Scale Electrical Testing. Instruction – Conduct confidential auction as sell-side advisor. Role – Project managed auction process and managed the sale to completion. Result – Secured five sealed bids all matching Client’s criteria. Led transaction to completion and the acquisition of the Company by Ansor Group Ltd.

Hong Kong – Green Energy Corporation

Client – Green Energy Corporation – Hong Kong Based. Instruction – Source a U.K. Company, to manufacture multiple units of Electronic Waste to Energy Plant. Role – Benchmark Manufacturers against strict criteria. Award manufacturing contract. Oversee the relationship between designers of the Plant and U.K. Manufacturer. Result – Sourced Tier 1 manufacturer to the Pharmaceutical […]

Tier 1 Supplier to Nuclear and Defence

Client – Ardor Engineering Ltd – Precision Engineering Company – Tier 1 Supplier to Nuclear and Defence. Instruction – Disposal of business to trade or non-trade buyer. Role – Review market opportunities, benchmarked possible share price, source buyers based on management culture and ethos. Generate sealed bids. Manage through to Completion. Result – Successful sale […]

Sophisticated Transport and Logistics Company

Client – G Brocklehurst Transport Ltd – Sophisticated Transport and Logistics Company. Instruction – Disposal of business to trade buyer. Role – Review market opportunities, benchmarked possible share price, source trade buyers based on management culture and ethos. Generate sealed bids. Manage through to Completion. Result – 5 trade buyers through to final bidding. Secured […]

▪ Undertook the Company Valuation of a £32 Million multiple site Manufacturing Group. Enabling two Directors to complete on MBO and three Directors to exit the business.

▪ Sourced target opportunities and led negotiations for creation of £8 Million Security Contractor.

▪ Calculated the projected earnings of a £19 Million European Telecom’s Company. Enabling the successful re-capitalisation by USA based Venture Capital Group.

▪ Led negotiations to completion on creation of £34 Million Power Generation Company.

▪ Securing trade sale for £6 million PR Company.

▪ Introducing buyers for buyout of £34 million Dairy Company.

▪ Led trade sale of IFA practice with £990 million funds under management.

▪ Sourced investment of £12 million for leading Security Defence Contractor.

▪ Completed on trade sale of £16 million Security Services Company.

▪ Secured investment of £8 million for Waste Management Company.