Please see below the key points from our contract, translated into plain English. If you have not read these and fully understand them, you should not instruct us to market your business for sale.


Sole Selling Rights

This means that whether we introduce a buyer to you or a buyer makes their own introductions, we are the agents for the sale of the business, and whether you choose to use our services to conclude the sale or not, our fees will be charged, as if we had concluded the sale.

Contract Period

Our initial contract period is set for 26 weeks. At the end of this period, it gives both parties the right  to either cancel the contract, and receive a refund on any fees paid, or to continue with the contract. Should we choose to cancel the contract, within this time, we will refund your engagement fee.

Once the 26-week period has elapsed, you may still cancel your contract with us, but there will be no refund of any engagement fees made. To protect ourselves from further costs in marketing your business for sale, we reserve the right to recover from you any costs we incur in marketing your business from the end of the initial 26-week period.

Such costs shall not exceed the sum you have paid as your engagement fee, nor shall they be any less than this sum. We reserve the right to make charges for phones calls, disbursements, travel expenses, holding meets and negotiating offers on your behalf.

How is the 26-week period calculated

The 26-week period is calculated from the date when we agree on commercial terms and conditions and accept your instructions either in writing, via email or verbally to act on your behalf to act as agents in the sale of your business .


We rely on the information you give us to make the decision on whether to work with you on your business’s sale. This information can be supplied or agreed on verbally, in written documents or via email.

Should this information be inaccurate or misleading in any way, then any guarantee that we have agreed to will be deemed null and void. This clause will have the same effect if the profitability or turnover of the business you give us the information for, reduces by a value of greater than 2.5% of the values that you have previously provided or agreed to. In this case, we reserve the right to recover any cost, including expenses incurred in working on the sale of your business.

Score Card

We aim for 100% Client satisfaction, however we may at some time not be able to respond to your questions, or attend meetings at short notice. If you feel we are falling short of your expected standard, please let us know. We will do everything in our power to resolve any issues you may have.

As a minimum standard we aim to respond to all emails and phone calls within a 24-hour period. We also aim to update you once a month by telephone or on a one to one basis. All calls may be recorded for training and quality purposes.


We have a no quibble guarantee whereupon we will cancel any contracts (once we have received notification) and refund your engagement fee, should you be dissatisfied with our service. Before we do this, we would like the opportunity to put any matters right, that you feel need addressing. This guarantee and refund is only available in the first 26 weeks of our contract, applies to any terms included in our Proposal of Works or Confirmed Scope of Works documents and is subject to the above terms and conditions and the terms and conditions shown here

Contract Buy Back – At our discretion, we may offer an option whereupon we allow a contracted party to our terms and conditions a ‘buy back option’. This is a means of arriving at resolving a dispute where both parties feel the relationship has broken down irreconcilably. This cost will be directly related to the cost outlined in our ‘proposal of works’ and will not be greater than the highest engagement fee offered. Once this fee has been received by us then the contact can be deemed satisfied.