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Civil Engineering Companies Wanted for Acquisition: A Strategic Call by Company A

In the dynamic sphere of civil engineering, progress is not just about the construction of structures but also about building robust businesses and partnerships. Company A stands at the forefront of this advancement, with an assertive call for acquisitions that will fortify its market position and catalyse its expansion trajectory. With an impressive revenue of £725 million last year and a successful track record of four acquisitions, Company A is poised to enhance its portfolio with the strategic integration of three more civil engineering companies by the end of April 2024.

Ambition Meets Precision in Acquisition

Company A’s robust financial foothold and strategic investment initiatives are epitomised in the budget allocation of £21 million for upcoming acquisitions. The commitment to industry growth and excellence is further evidenced by the standard deal structure offered: 80% of the total consideration paid on day one, with the balance spread over two years. This approach ensures a smooth transition and steadfast integration, all the while retaining the invaluable expertise of the original business owners, who are encouraged to continue with the company until the full consideration is realised.

Civil Engineering Companies Wanted for Acquisition – Strategic Growth through Synergistic Acquisitions

The impetus behind this acquisition drive is Company A’s meticulously crafted growth strategy, as decreed by its Senior Board. The goal is clear: to consummate three acquisitions that not only contribute to the company’s size but also enhance its capability, reach, and operational efficiency. This strategic vision seeks to propel Company A beyond its current successes, harnessing the potential of acquired companies to create a conglomerate that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Civil Engineering Companies Wanted for Acquisition – The Criteria for Prospective Partnerships

Civil Engineering Companies that can exhibit stability, growth potential, and a turnover that would synergise with Company A’s existing operations are sought for these acquisitions. Company A is looking for partners that possess not only a formidable presence in the market but also the agility to adapt and thrive within the larger corporate structure that Company A represents.

An Invitation to Forge a Common Future

If you helm a civil engineering firm that is looking to take the next step in its evolutionary journey, Company A extends a formal invitation for dialogue. Potential acquisition targets are encouraged to engage with Simon Ashcroft, a Senior Partner at Achieve Corporation, by contacting or by engaging with us through our contact page. This is a unique opportunity to align with a company that is not only investing in the civil engineering sector but is actively shaping its future.


Company A’s search for acquisitions is not merely a business proposition; it is a strategic partnership offer that presents a unique opportunity for civil engineering companies to scale, innovate, and lead. With a generous budget, a clear transaction structure, and the support of a strong parent company, the selected civil engineering firms will be positioned to not only continue their legacy but also expand it within a larger framework.

As Company A stands ready to embark on this ambitious journey of growth and integration, the call for acquisitions rings out. Civil Engineering Companies with the vision to be part of this enterprise are urged to step forward. The future beckons with the promise of shared success and a partnership that holds the potential to redefine industry standards.