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How Can I Value My Business? Business Valuations Made Simple!

How Can I Value my Business?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, understanding the true value of your business is more critical than ever. If you’re asking yourself, “How can I value my business?” you’re not alone. It’s a crucial question that can shape your strategic decisions, whether you’re considering selling, looking to acquire a competitor, or simply aiming to understand your business’s standing in the market.

This video addresses that very question, offering insights and solutions for business owners seeking clarity and accuracy in their business valuation.

Navigating the maze of business valuation can be daunting. You could spend countless hours on the internet, stumbling through clickbait, or end up in the endless loop of online distractions. The common avenues—consulting an accountant not versed in M&A activities, relying on generic online calculators, or even seeking advice from unqualified individuals—often lead to inaccurate valuations. These methods beg the question: “How can I value my business accurately and reliably?”

Our comprehensive approach to business valuation transcends the basic formulas and generic calculators that fail to capture the unique essence of your business. Whether you’re preparing for a management buyout, raising finance, contemplating a sale, or evaluating a purchase offer, knowing how to value your business is imperative. This video outlines a method that combines industry expertise, financial acumen, and an understanding of your business’s unique value drivers, offering a solution to the perennial question, “How can I value my business with precision and confidence?”

The valuation process often involves complex formulas, from enterprise value to discounted cash flows, and requires an understanding of the specific metrics and performance ratios that validate your business’s worth. More importantly, it demands an appreciation of the intangible, off-book assets that define your competitive edge. “How can I value my business in a way that reflects its true worth?” This video introduces a robust valuation model developed by professionals active in the M&A market, designed to give you a clear, comprehensive view of your business’s value now and into the future.

Don’t leave your business valuation to chance or the myriad of unreliable sources that fail to understand the nuances of your operation. Our detailed valuation report, exclusive to the UK market, is tailored to your business, offering a depth of analysis backed by professionals. From understanding the intrinsic and extrinsic factors contributing to your business’s value to navigating the valuation with confidentiality and speed, our service is designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions.

Remember, knowledge is power. By addressing the critical question of “How can I value my business?” with our expertly crafted valuation model, you’re taking the first step towards unlocking your business’s potential. Follow the link below or contact us directly to embark on this vital journey towards understanding and maximizing the value of your business.

Business Valuation Report – 3 Easy Steps

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Who Will Value My Business

Are you part of the 98% of business owners pondering, “Who will value my business?” If so, this video is your essential guide, designed to unravel the valuation conundrum in just 90 seconds. Understanding the value of your business is not just beneficial; it’s critical. However, the biggest hurdle often comes down to deciding who should perform this crucial assessment.

The Valuation Dilemma: Navigating Your Options

When the question arises, “Who will value my business?”, many business owners feel tempted to tackle the task themselves. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and professional advisors alike may consider DIY valuation methods. But, is this a realistic approach? The complexity of choosing the right valuation formula—be it enterprise value, equity value, cost to entry, precedent transactions, or the intricate discounted cash flow—can be daunting. Moreover, understanding which performance ratios to use and how to forecast your business’s future only adds layers of complexity.

Professional Insights: Beyond DIY

This leads us back to the critical question: “Who will value my business?” While consulting an accountant might seem like the next logical step, unless they possess a deep involvement in current M&A activities and a track record in business sales and acquisitions, their valuation might not hit the mark. Independence in valuation is crucial for credibility and accuracy, steering us away from biased estimations.

Expert Valuation: The Path Forward

So, “Who will value my business?” This video proposes a definitive answer, introducing a professional, efficient, and transparent valuation service ready in just five working days. Tailored for business owners seeking clarity and precision, our service offers valuations written in plain English, backed by insights from professionals actively involved in the M&A market and qualified as FMVA and CBCA. Our report delivers specific valuation metrics and key performance ratios, presenting a clear picture of what your business is worth now and in the future.

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Why Not EBITDA : The True Measure of Business Health?

Delve into the world of business metrics with a focus on EBITDA, a term that has sparked endless debates among professionals. With over two decades of experience in the business acquisition sphere, our expert demystifies EBITDA, addressing the burning question: Why not EBITDA? Is it really the golden standard for assessing a business’s financial health, or is it, as some claim, the laziest metric used in the industry?

Decoding EBITDA: More Than Meets the Eye?

EBITDA stands as the most controversial and widely discussed metric in the business world. But why not EBITDA? This video explores its prevalence and the reasons behind its widespread use. Is EBITDA celebrated for its precision and depth in providing insights into a business’s financial well-being, or is its popularity merely due to the ease of calculation, allowing even novices to appear informed?

The Reality Behind the Metric

Our seasoned expert questions the efficacy of EBITDA as a standalone measure. Despite its utility in generating a snapshot of earning potential and facilitating year-on-year comparisons, relying solely on EBITDA is akin to diagnosing health based on blood pressure alone. It’s a starting point, but why not EBITDA when evaluating a business’s overall health? This analogy underscores the necessity of a broader metric suite for a comprehensive health check.

A Balanced Perspective

Concluding that EBITDA is neither inherently good nor bad, the video posits that it serves as a crucial yet partial insight into a company’s earnings generation capability. This raises the crucial consideration: why not EBITDA as the sole metric? The discussion highlights the importance of integrating EBITDA with other financial indicators to paint a full picture of a business’s health.

Join the Conversation

As we peel back the layers on EBITDA, we invite you to contribute your thoughts. Why not EBITDA? Is it a metric of convenience or a valuable tool in the arsenal of business assessment techniques? Your insights and experiences are invaluable as we navigate the complexities of business metrics together.



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Don’t Buy a Business Until You Watch This…

Don’t Buy A Business

In this must-watch video, on Don’t Buy A Business, we dive into the critical mistake many aspiring business owners make: purchasing a business without truly understanding its worth.

“Don’t Buy a Business” isn’t just a cautionary statement—it’s a gateway to unlocking the secrets of successful business acquisitions, all condensed into a lightning-fast 60 seconds video.

Prepare to navigate away from the nightmares of funding failures and deal disasters that plague the unprepared.

Why Watching This Video is a Game-Changer:

Unlock the Secret to Success: Discover the pivotal knowledge that separates successful acquisitions from costly mistakes.

Understand True Business Value: Learn why knowing the exact value of a business is not just important—it’s essential for planning your funding strategy and deal structure. Avoid losing time, energy, effort, and potentially millions in value by understanding one crucial fact.

Precision Over Guesswork: We debunk the myths of estimated values and EBITDA guesses, guiding you towards a clear, precise, and accurate business valuation. Our method is rooted in recognized valuation metrics, offering you a document that tells the unvarnished truth about what a business is genuinely worth.

Strategic Offer Structuring: With a solid understanding of a business’s worth, you’re equipped to structure your offer confidently. Learn how to approach your acquisition strategy with the assurance that it’s the right step for you.

Exclusive Insight: Follow the link below to access our in-depth valuation model, which reveals exactly what you need to know. From specific valuation metrics to key funding ratios, we lay bare the true value of a business—now and in the future. Embark on your acquisition journey with the right knowledge at your fingertips. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or stepping into the world of business ownership for the first time, this video is your first step towards a successful, informed purchase.

Don’t risk months of negotiations and potential deal-breaking disappointments with funders. Get the groundwork done first, and move onwards and upwards with confidence. Don’t delay your success story. Click the link below to unlock the secrets to successful business acquisitions and ensure your next move is not just a step but a leap in the right direction.

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Selling Your Business Is A Waste Of Time Unless You Know This…

Selling Your Business?

If you’re pondering over the idea of selling your business, this video is a pivotal watch. “Thinking of Selling Your Business?… It’s an absolute WASTE of time… Unless you know this,” delves into the critical aspect that could make or break your decision: understanding the true value of your business. It’s not just a bold statement; it’s a reality check for many business owners who might leap without looking at the real worth of their enterprise.

This video isn’t about discouraging you from selling, but rather ensuring you’re fully equipped with the knowledge of EXACTLY how much your business is worth.

The difference between guessing and knowing could mean millions of pounds either lost or gained in the process. “Selling your business is a waste of time” without this crucial piece of information, as it’s the foundation upon which successful exit strategies and retirement plans are built. We’re not talking about estimates or ballpark figures here. This video promises to guide you through a clear, precise, and accurate valuation process that considers all relevant industry valuation metrics and key performance ratios.

This isn’t about a number plucked from thin air, but a valuation you can rely on to reflect your business’s actual worth.

Before you consider selling your business, remember, “Selling your business is a waste of time” without knowing its true value. It’s about doing the groundwork first, armed with the exact knowledge of what your business is worth, to make informed decisions about your future.

Click the link below to uncover the true value of your business through our comprehensive valuation process. Let’s move onward and upwards, with the understanding that “Selling your business is a waste of time” without the right preparation and knowledge. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the expertise shared in this video, ensuring that when the time comes, you’re making the best decision for you and your business.

Click Here to Find Out How To Get Your Business Valuation Report in 3 Easy Steps.

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Vehicle Bodyshop Providing FM Services to Government

Achieve Corporation: Steering Success in Business Sales

At Achieve Corporation, we specialise in guiding businesses to successful outcomes. Our recent project, the sale of CSG Ltd, showcases our capability in handling complex transactions. CSG Ltd, known for its efficient FM services to government authorities, represented a unique opportunity in the market.

Objective-Driven Market Analysis:

Our first step was a thorough market analysis to understand the business’s value. We benchmarked the potential share price, ensuring it accurately represented CSG Ltd’s market position and future growth potential.

Targeted Buyer Sourcing:

We focused on identifying trade buyers whose management culture and ethos aligned with CSG Ltd. This strategy was critical to ensure a smooth transition and continued business success post-sale.

Securing Competitive Bids:

Our efforts led to four competitive sealed bids, demonstrating the high market interest in CSG Ltd. Each offer was carefully evaluated against the exiting shareholders’ criteria.

Efficient Sale Management:

The sale process was managed with precision, focusing on transparency and efficiency. Our role was to oversee each stage, ensuring a seamless transition to completion.

Results: A Showcase of Strategic and Tactical Expertise:

The outcome was the successful sale of CSG Ltd, marked by securing offers that met our client’s expectations. This achievement highlights our expertise in navigating complex sale processes and achieving optimal results for our clients.

Conclusion – Your Strategic Business Sale Partner:

Achieve Corporation is your expert partner in business sales. Our experience with CSG Ltd demonstrates our ability to handle complex transactions effectively, making us an ideal choice for bankers, corporate advisors, solicitors, and entrepreneurs seeking proficient sale management.

For further information, arrange a private, confidential call at a time to suit you with Mark Roberts – Senior Partner: Financial Modelling and Valuations Analyst (FMVA) and Commercial Banking and Credit Analyst (CBCA).

Email Mark at

Or visit our Home page by clicking here.

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Specialist In Worldwide Distribution Of High-Quality Steels

Masteel Ltd – Specialist In Worldwide Distribution Of High-Quality Steels

Achieve Corporation, a frontrunner in business sales and strategic transitions, is proud to highlight our success in managing the sale of Masteel Ltd, a global powerhouse in distributing high-quality steels.

Strategic Sale with a Cultural Focus:

Tasked with conducting a trade sale for Masteel Ltd, we prioritised matching the buyer’s culture and ethos with the existing management. This approach was pivotal in ensuring a seamless transition and sustained business excellence.

Auction Management and Sale Completion:

Our role extended beyond mere facilitation. We spearheaded the auction process, meticulously managing each aspect to ensure a competitive and transparent sale. The process culminated in the successful completion of the sale, marking a significant milestone for Masteel Ltd.

Result: A Measured Success:

The sale was a triumph, characterised by a successful share sale. Post-completion, the existing shareholder smoothly exited the business within six months, a testament to our strategic planning and execution. Furthermore, our involvement continued with the headhunting of a new financial controller for Masteel Ltd, aligning the company’s financial leadership with the vision of the new owner.

Conclusion – Your Partner in Strategic Business Outcomes:

At Achieve Corporation, we don’t just facilitate business sales; we craft bespoke transitions that respect and enhance the legacy of your business. Our experience with Masteel Ltd demonstrates our expertise in aligning strategic objectives with cultural continuity, making us the preferred partner for bankers, corporate advisors, solicitors, and entrepreneurs in high-stakes business sales.

Achieve Corporation – Where Strategy Meets Success in Business Sales.

For further information, arrange a private, confidential call at a time to suit you with Mark Roberts – Senior Partner: Financial Modelling and Valuations Analyst (FMVA) and Commercial Banking and Credit Analyst (CBCA).

Email Mark at

Or visit our Home page by clicking here.

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Civil Engineering – Project Build

We are working with a number of companies who operate within the Civil Engineering and Construction sector who are looking to make a number of acquisitions before end of November 2018 .

To ensure impartiality in all acquisitions that the companies wish to pursue, the boards of each company have adopted a best practice format to score and project manage their acquisitions.

This approach ensures that all potential target companies are benchmarked against the acquisition strategy of each acquiring company, and a collective decision by the entire board is taken on which acquisitions to pursue.

All parties are protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements and a full project brief is signed off by all parties who enter discussions.

The senior Board for each company have agreed to meet every 60 days to formulate offers and ‘sign off’ on all target companies that match their acquisition briefs.

If You Feel Your Business Would Be of Value to Our Clients, Please Contact James Bradlay at:

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Project Neptune News


Large UK Company seeking to acquire in the SME Sector


To add to its comprehensive portfolio by purchasing 100% shareholding of qualifying business’s in the SME sector.


Client has ‘sector agnostic’ approach and will review each opportunity on its merits. Previous sectors have included Engineering, Manufacturing, Medical, Travel & Leisure, Tech Software Solutions, Construction, Facilities Management, Packaging & Print, Recycling, Medical and Energy.


Current budget for next round of targeted acquisitions stands at £53.4 Million UK pounds.


All targets to be ready for Phase 1 Project sign off by end of September 22nd 2018.

Qualifying Crietria

Previous evidence of stable performance.

Must be capable of 3+ x growth factor.

Acquiring Client can create infrastructure for this, whether by back office, sales, increased staffing levels, funding large projects or frameworks and injection of cash funds.

Directors/Owners Must agree to qualifying handover period.

Deal profile

80% of total remuneration on completion. Remaining balance paid over 12 Months in quarterly payments in arrears.

Further details and scoring criteria available from Mark Roberts –

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Aussie Start Up Hits Local Bank With $40 Million From US

When Brad Couper, the chief executive of Brisbane-based software-as-a-service company simPRO, was toasting a $40 million capital raising from New York venture capital firm Level Equity earlier this month, he couldn’t help but shake his head at the lack of support from his local bank.

After one of the year’s largest startup funding rounds, the maker of cloud-based software tools for tradies is valued at north of $100 million, but back in February the local bank it has used for 14 years had refused its application for a $2 million business expansion loan.

“We’d rather not give away equity if we don’t have to, and a $2 million loan would have been enough to continue our growth,”  Mr Couper said.

simPRO had been a customer of the same “big four” bank – which he declined to name – since 2002, when electrical contractor Stephen Bradshaw founded the business in his Brisbane garage.

ts estimating and scheduling platform for tradespeople turned over $20 million in 2015/16 and claims nearly 100,000 users worldwide.

Nervous banks

He said the bank was nervous about simPRO’s intention to use the loan to expand its Boulder and London offices, and did not understand its software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

“We even sat down with them and explained how SaaS works, that our recurring revenue could service a $2 million loan, and that in fact if I didn’t increase spending for just one month we’d be below their serviceability threshold forever,” Mr Couper said.

“They just said ‘yeah, looks good, but no’. The only way we were going to get the $2 million was if every one of our 12 shareholders signed a personal guarantee and put their house on the line. It’s not that the banks wouldn’t like to back us but their systems just don’t allow it.”

Mr Couper’s next stop was Australian venture capitalists, where he was also out of luck.

While he said local VCs could value SaaS companies, they could not a write a cheque of the size required by simPRO after 14 years of bootstrapping.

“And the handful that are big enough just want to value you at two or three times last year’s earnings, and that doesn’t fly in a fast growth SaaS company.”

Finding VC support

It was only when simPRO talked to US venture capitalists, as part of a delegation organised by KPMG/Advance program Elevate61, that it found the necessary support for its SaaS “scale-up” plans.

Mr Couper and three other simPRO executives paid $4000 each plus expenses to join Elevate61, but he said the investment was worth it because it taught them precisely where to look for funding.

“It’s a generalisation but we found the east coast VCs understood established SaaS businesses like ours, and were prepared to pay a multiple of forward earnings for them, anywhere from three to eight times,” he said.

“The west coast VCs are all coming out of technology successes and are more interested in taking a punt on the shiny new thing.”

SimPRO banked a $40 million investment from New York’s Level Equity earlier this month, struck at a “comfortably nine-figure valuation”, Mr Couper said.

The chief executive just signed off on hiring 41 more people, which will take simPRO’s total head count to 210. Thirty of those will be for product development in Brisbane, with the balance additional support staff in the Boulder and London offices.