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Don’t Buy a Business Until You Watch This…

Don’t Buy A Business

In this must-watch video, on Don’t Buy A Business, we dive into the critical mistake many aspiring business owners make: purchasing a business without truly understanding its worth.

“Don’t Buy a Business” isn’t just a cautionary statement—it’s a gateway to unlocking the secrets of successful business acquisitions, all condensed into a lightning-fast 60 seconds video.

Prepare to navigate away from the nightmares of funding failures and deal disasters that plague the unprepared.

Why Watching This Video is a Game-Changer:

Unlock the Secret to Success: Discover the pivotal knowledge that separates successful acquisitions from costly mistakes.

Understand True Business Value: Learn why knowing the exact value of a business is not just important—it’s essential for planning your funding strategy and deal structure. Avoid losing time, energy, effort, and potentially millions in value by understanding one crucial fact.

Precision Over Guesswork: We debunk the myths of estimated values and EBITDA guesses, guiding you towards a clear, precise, and accurate business valuation. Our method is rooted in recognized valuation metrics, offering you a document that tells the unvarnished truth about what a business is genuinely worth.

Strategic Offer Structuring: With a solid understanding of a business’s worth, you’re equipped to structure your offer confidently. Learn how to approach your acquisition strategy with the assurance that it’s the right step for you.

Exclusive Insight: Follow the link below to access our in-depth valuation model, which reveals exactly what you need to know. From specific valuation metrics to key funding ratios, we lay bare the true value of a business—now and in the future. Embark on your acquisition journey with the right knowledge at your fingertips. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or stepping into the world of business ownership for the first time, this video is your first step towards a successful, informed purchase.

Don’t risk months of negotiations and potential deal-breaking disappointments with funders. Get the groundwork done first, and move onwards and upwards with confidence. Don’t delay your success story. Click the link below to unlock the secrets to successful business acquisitions and ensure your next move is not just a step but a leap in the right direction.

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Selling Your Business Is A Waste Of Time Unless You Know This…

Selling Your Business?

If you’re pondering over the idea of selling your business, this video is a pivotal watch. “Thinking of Selling Your Business?… It’s an absolute WASTE of time… Unless you know this,” delves into the critical aspect that could make or break your decision: understanding the true value of your business. It’s not just a bold statement; it’s a reality check for many business owners who might leap without looking at the real worth of their enterprise.

This video isn’t about discouraging you from selling, but rather ensuring you’re fully equipped with the knowledge of EXACTLY how much your business is worth.

The difference between guessing and knowing could mean millions of pounds either lost or gained in the process. “Selling your business is a waste of time” without this crucial piece of information, as it’s the foundation upon which successful exit strategies and retirement plans are built. We’re not talking about estimates or ballpark figures here. This video promises to guide you through a clear, precise, and accurate valuation process that considers all relevant industry valuation metrics and key performance ratios.

This isn’t about a number plucked from thin air, but a valuation you can rely on to reflect your business’s actual worth.

Before you consider selling your business, remember, “Selling your business is a waste of time” without knowing its true value. It’s about doing the groundwork first, armed with the exact knowledge of what your business is worth, to make informed decisions about your future.

Click the link below to uncover the true value of your business through our comprehensive valuation process. Let’s move onward and upwards, with the understanding that “Selling your business is a waste of time” without the right preparation and knowledge. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the expertise shared in this video, ensuring that when the time comes, you’re making the best decision for you and your business.

Click Here to Find Out How To Get Your Business Valuation Report in 3 Easy Steps.

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Project Skyline

Acquisition Opportunity

Privately owned Company recognised nationally as a leading roofing contractor. With an established reputation based on trust, quality, professionalism, and skill, it delivers high-quality roofing services to clients in both residential and commercial sectors, including:

  • Universities and schools
  • Power stations
  • Defence infrastructure
  • Social housing
  • Churches and listed buildings
  • Commercial and industrial
  • New build residential and refurbishments
  • Healthcare

Incorporated in 2008, the privately-owned Company has over fifty staff members with over twenty five years of experience. Whilst the business is small enough to remain flexible and adaptable, it can act as Principal Contractor, managing and coordinating other trades within its supply chain to meet the client’s needs to exacting safety and quality standards.

The Company have extensive experience in undertaking all roofing works collaboratively, working alongside all stakeholders to ensure the successful delivery of each project. In addition, they proactively identify, assess, plan, and manage all risks and provide clear communication paths with as many of the wider stakeholder community as possible to foster good relationships.

The Company specialises in flat and pitched roofing systems, offering a wide range of roofing solutions, including:

  • Green roofs
  • Cold applied waterproofing
  • Single ply roofing
  • Built-up felt roofing

The last four years have seen total sales of £45,902,517 with a total combined non-adjusted EBITDA of £3,983,076.

The next four years’ total sales are forecast at £71,137,628 with a non-adjusted EBITDA of £5,551,344.

Sales for 2023 are forecasted at £16,504,772, which is a 26% growth from 2022 this has been forecast using partial management accounts to December 2022 and taking into account the following:

  • Strong order value and running projects valued at £6.5M
  • CIF funding education projects valued at £3.5-4M
  • Private sector projects valued at £2-3M
  • New build projects valued at £2-3M
  • Small works valued at £500k-£1M

If a competitor were to acquire Project Skyline, there could be several benefits and opportunities for the future, including:

  • Increased Market Share: The acquisition would allow a competitor to increase its market share by incorporating the existing customer base and brand reputation of Project Skyline
  • Diversification of Service Offerings: Project Skyline has a strong reputation for providing high-quality roofing services. By acquiring this Company, a competitor could diversify its service offerings and add a new area of expertise to its business
  • Geographic Expansion: Project Skyline is based in Cambridge, UK, which could provide a strategic entry point into the regional roofing market for a competitor who is looking to expand geographically
  • Access to Skilled Professionals: The acquisition would also provide access to the skilled professionals at Project Skyline, who have years of experience in the industry. This could strengthen the workforce of the acquiring Company and improve its overall capabilities
  • Synergy and Cost Savings: By acquiring Project Skyline, a competitor could achieve synergies and cost savings by consolidating operations, sharing resources, and reducing redundancies. This could lead to increased efficiency and profitability for the combined Company.
  • The Company has a strong forward order book, which would make a significant asset contribution to any buyer

Please email Olivia at to received a full Information Memorandum on this opportunity

Or view our other current instructions here:

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Project Marine

Acquisition Opportunity

Project Marine – North East Based Civil Engineering Construction Company

Renowned and multi-award-winning North East Based Civil Engineering construction company with an impressive reputation for undertaking technically demanding contracts in harsh and challenging environments.

The Company specialises in delivering top-tier civil engineering construction and design and build contracts specifically tailored to the marine environment.

With a rich portfolio of successful projects, the Company  has solidified its position as a leading provider of various services, including but not limited to:

  • River & coastal works
  • Jetty, quayside and sea wall repairs
  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Timber demolition & reconstruction
  • Steel piling
  • Flood defences
  • Bridges and non-marine structures

The Company exhibits versatility by managing contracts ranging from £5,000 to £20 Million, demonstrating its capacity to handle projects of varying scopes and complexities.

The last four years have seen total sales of £39,090,976 with a total combined non-adjusted EBITDA of £3,375,533.

The next four years’ total sales are forecast at £71,360,322 with a non-adjusted EBITDA of £8,841,102.

The Company holds multiple accreditations, including Achilles, CHAS Advanced, Constructionline Gold, and Acclaim, and is registered with Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP).

To meet the latest ISO standards, it operates an Integrated Management System (IMS) and its IMS, encompassing ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, and ISO45001:2018, has received UKAS accreditation from URS.

Future Benefits & Opportunities of Acquiring this North East-Based Civil Engineering Company

  • Diversification of Services: The acquisition of Project Marine can enable the acquiring Company to diversify its service offerings by gaining access to specialised expertise in marine environments and civil engineering projects. This diversification can expand the acquiring Company’s capabilities and appeal to a broader range of clients and industries.
  • Geographic Expansion: If the acquiring Company operates in different regions or countries, acquiring Project Marine can provide a strategic entry into new geographic markets.
  • Increased Market Share: Acquiring Project Marine can lead to increased market share in civil engineering, especially in marine and water-related projects. This enhanced market share can position the acquiring Company as a significant player in the industry and provide a competitive advantage over competitors.
  • Access to Established Client Base: Project Marine’s long-term successful relationships with various clients and delivery partners can be valuable for the acquiring Company. The acquisition can provide access to a loyal and established client base, fostering potential cross-selling opportunities for the acquiring Company’s existing services.

To receive a full Information Memorandum on this opportunity please contact Olivia Hughes at

Or view our other current instructions here:

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Project Deneb

Acquisition Targets in Multi-Sector Platforms – Setting Benchmarks Aligned with KPIs

Acquisition Targets – Completion End April 2024

In the expansive terrain of mergers and acquisitions, agility and precision in identifying acquisition targets are not just advantageous but essential. The strategic expansion of business portfolios through acquisitions is a rigorous endeavour that requires a discerning eye for potential, a solid framework for integration, and an unparalleled expertise in execution. With a rich heritage of curating and consolidating groups that exemplify synergy and value, our client stands at the forefront of this sophisticated market activity.

Forging Paths for Growth and Synergy

Our mandate is clear: to scout for and secure promising companies to enhance the dynamic constellation of the twelve entities that currently compose our client’s Group. As we actively benchmark prospective acquisition targets, we are setting sights on firms that can seamlessly align with our client’s objectives for their next phase of growth. Our goal is to spearhead the development of a formidable conglomerate poised for unrivalled market leadership.

Efficiency in Transaction: A Testament to Expertise

Our track record boasts the consummation of deals from the nascent point of initial contact to the final handshake in as quickly as four weeks. While such speed is not the norm, our average four-month turnaround time is a testament to our efficiency and mastery of the process. The target completion date for the ongoing acquisitions is firmly set before the end of April 2024.

Holistic Approach to Acquisitions

Our client is not just looking for addition but multiplication in value, with a keen eye on companies that can rebound from the financial impact of Covid-19, with lost income and trading profits considered restorative additives to the financial accounts. The blueprint for expansion is clear – to construct a league of enterprises that offer a competitive edge, forecast future profitability as a valuation cornerstone, and ensure a flexible deal structure that encompasses a tailored handover period. This strategy ensures that the essence of each acquisition – the skills, goodwill, and operational framework – is not only protected but nurtured for exponential growth.

Expert Navigation through Acquisition Seas

Our role as seasoned navigators in the M&A realm is multifaceted – we ascertain the alignment of potential targets with our client’s rigorous brief, safeguard the confidentiality of all parties involved, spearhead preliminary negotiations, and bolster the internal acquisitions team towards a successful transaction conclusion.

Invitation to Discuss Potential Synergies

If your company’s trajectory aligns with our client’s strategic ambitions and you envision a future where your growth is accelerated through acquisition, we extend an invitation for a conversation.

By contacting Olivia at, you initiate a dialogue that could unveil potential synergies and set the stage for a successful merger or acquisition that is beneficial for all stakeholders involved.


In summary, we are in search of acquisition targets with the resilience to turn adversities into advantages, the potential for robust growth, and the synergy to integrate into a larger, competitive framework. With a proven track record, a client with demonstrable expertise, and a dedication to a fair and efficient acquisition process, we are poised to facilitate deals that are not merely transactions but transformations. We invite potential targets to reach out, explore possibilities, and join a visionary group of companies setting the pace for industry leadership and innovation.


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Project Saturn

Civil Engineering and Construction Companies Wanted for Acquisition: A Forward-Thinking Strategy

Civil Engineering and Construction Companies Wanted for Acquisition – Before End of April 2024

The structural foundation of our future is being laid today by businesses in the civil engineering and construction sectors. As an authoritative leader in mergers and acquisitions, we understand the critical role these industries play in shaping skylines and economies alike. At the heart of this progress is a strategic opportunity: we are working with several key players in civil engineering and construction to facilitate a series of targeted acquisitions before the end of April 2024.

A Methodical Approach to Expansion

The companies we represent are committed to strategic growth through acquisition, adhering to a best practice format that guarantees impartiality and precision. This format involves a thorough scoring system and project management protocol to ensure all potential acquisitions align with each company’s unique strategy. The goal is to benchmark every potential target against stringent criteria, ensuring only those that align with the acquiring company’s vision and objectives are considered.

Unifying Vision and Strategy

This rigorous approach culminates in a unified decision-making process wherein entire Boards convene every 30 days. These meetings serve a pivotal role in formulating offers and signing off on target companies that resonate with the predefined acquisition briefs. This systematic and strategic method underscores the commitment to not just grow, but to grow right – with the right partners, at the right time, under the right terms.

Security and Confidentiality at the Forefront

The integrity of the process is paramount, and as such, all interactions and negotiations are safeguarded by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). This ensures that confidentiality is maintained, protecting all parties involved. Before discussions commence, a complete project brief is agreed upon and signed, setting the stage for transparent and focused dialogues.

Civil Engineering and Construction Companies Wanted for Acquisition – An Open Invitation to Potential Acquisitions

We understand the significance of legacy and the impact of growth on all stakeholders involved in an acquisition. If you are at the helm of a civil engineering or construction company and believe that your business has what it takes to add value to our clients, this is your invitation to join a growth trajectory that promises not just expansion, but evolution.

Contact Simon Ashcroft at to explore this opportunity. The synergy of your company’s expertise and the expansive vision of our clients could forge a new path in the civil engineering and construction industry.


The call for acquisitions is a pivotal step towards constructing a robust consortium of civil engineering and construction firms under our clients’ leadership. With an emphasis on impartiality, strategic alignment, and the collective expertise of seasoned Boards, the acquisition process we champion is designed to be seamless, equitable, and advantageous for all involved.

This opportunity extends beyond the immediate horizon of growth; it is a chance to cement your company’s place in an evolving landscape, where the scale of operations and collaborative ventures will define the future of the civil engineering and construction sectors.

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Project Arcturus

Civil Engineering Companies Wanted for Acquisition: A Strategic Call by Company A

In the dynamic sphere of civil engineering, progress is not just about the construction of structures but also about building robust businesses and partnerships. Company A stands at the forefront of this advancement, with an assertive call for acquisitions that will fortify its market position and catalyse its expansion trajectory. With an impressive revenue of £725 million last year and a successful track record of four acquisitions, Company A is poised to enhance its portfolio with the strategic integration of three more civil engineering companies by the end of April 2024.

Ambition Meets Precision in Acquisition

Company A’s robust financial foothold and strategic investment initiatives are epitomised in the budget allocation of £21 million for upcoming acquisitions. The commitment to industry growth and excellence is further evidenced by the standard deal structure offered: 80% of the total consideration paid on day one, with the balance spread over two years. This approach ensures a smooth transition and steadfast integration, all the while retaining the invaluable expertise of the original business owners, who are encouraged to continue with the company until the full consideration is realised.

Civil Engineering Companies Wanted for Acquisition – Strategic Growth through Synergistic Acquisitions

The impetus behind this acquisition drive is Company A’s meticulously crafted growth strategy, as decreed by its Senior Board. The goal is clear: to consummate three acquisitions that not only contribute to the company’s size but also enhance its capability, reach, and operational efficiency. This strategic vision seeks to propel Company A beyond its current successes, harnessing the potential of acquired companies to create a conglomerate that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Civil Engineering Companies Wanted for Acquisition – The Criteria for Prospective Partnerships

Civil Engineering Companies that can exhibit stability, growth potential, and a turnover that would synergise with Company A’s existing operations are sought for these acquisitions. Company A is looking for partners that possess not only a formidable presence in the market but also the agility to adapt and thrive within the larger corporate structure that Company A represents.

An Invitation to Forge a Common Future

If you helm a civil engineering firm that is looking to take the next step in its evolutionary journey, Company A extends a formal invitation for dialogue. Potential acquisition targets are encouraged to engage with Simon Ashcroft, a Senior Partner at Achieve Corporation, by contacting or by engaging with us through our contact page. This is a unique opportunity to align with a company that is not only investing in the civil engineering sector but is actively shaping its future.


Company A’s search for acquisitions is not merely a business proposition; it is a strategic partnership offer that presents a unique opportunity for civil engineering companies to scale, innovate, and lead. With a generous budget, a clear transaction structure, and the support of a strong parent company, the selected civil engineering firms will be positioned to not only continue their legacy but also expand it within a larger framework.

As Company A stands ready to embark on this ambitious journey of growth and integration, the call for acquisitions rings out. Civil Engineering Companies with the vision to be part of this enterprise are urged to step forward. The future beckons with the promise of shared success and a partnership that holds the potential to redefine industry standards.

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Project Mercury

Acquisitions in the Specialist and General Engineering Sector: A Strategic Imperative for Growth

Acquisitions in the Specialist and General Engineering Sector – Contact Us Now

In an era where globalisation is not just a buzzword but a strategic imperative, acquisitions become the cornerstone of rapid expansion and market penetration. As industry experts, we witness a significant uptick in activity within the specialist and general engineering sector, especially concerning acquisitions. Herein lies an unparalleled opportunity for businesses in the UK market.

An esteemed overseas company with a remarkable billion-dollar turnover has set its sights on securing a robust presence in the UK market, specifically within the specialist and general engineering sectors. This ambitious expansion is driven by a strategic plan to integrate four bolt-on additions to its substantial portfolio before the end of March 20243. Such a determined approach demonstrates the company’s commitment to establishing a significant foothold in the UK market swiftly and decisively.

This organisation stands out not only due to its impressive financial standing, being both asset and cash-rich, but also owing to its proven methodology that has repeatedly demonstrated efficiency in executing acquisitions. Its capacity to fast-track deals and expedite due diligence processes minimises disruptions, ensuring a seamless transition and integration of new acquisitions.

The target for these acquisitions is particularly niche, focusing on smaller-sized businesses with a turnover in the region of £5 million. Such businesses are prime candidates for grouping under the parent company’s umbrella, thereby unlocking synergies and scaling operations to meet an array of projects and contracts that the parent company is poised to fulfil.

Adaptability and flexibility in approach signify the company’s ethos in handling acquisitions. Whether it’s supporting straightforward cash sales or navigating the complexities of Management Buy-Outs (MBOs) and Management Buy-Ins (MBIs), the company’s strategy is tailored to accommodate various transaction types. This flexible approach underscores a commitment to fostering relationships and transactions that are conducive to mutual growth and success.

The current landscape presents a compelling case for businesses within the specialist and general engineering sector to align with a powerful industry player. The company’s readiness to support and integrate smaller businesses could serve as a catalyst for these entities to elevate their operations, engage in larger projects, and attain a level of growth that might otherwise remain out of reach.

For businesses that see the value in such a partnership and the myriad of opportunities it could unveil, it is an opportune moment to initiate a dialogue. We invite interested parties to reach out directly to our Senior Partner, Mark Roberts, via By engaging with our expertise, businesses can gain insights into the intricacies of this acquisition process and explore how their operations could align with the strategic objectives of our client.

In conclusion, as the deadline for this ambitious acquisition drive draws near, we extend a professional invitation to suitable candidates within the specialist and general engineering sector. This is more than a mere transaction; it’s a partnership designed for growth, innovation, and collective success. If your business possesses the agility and the ambition to be part of a larger consortium that is setting the pace in the engineering domain, now is the time to act.

To summarise, acqusitions in the specialist and general engineering sector represent growth opportunities and a critical evolution in a company’s lifecycle. Our client’s initiative to enhance their portfolio with strategic UK-based acquisitions demonstrates their commitment to being a market leader. This is an invitation to businesses that are positioned to leverage this unique prospect—businesses ready to transition into a broader, more dynamic future with a global partner at their side.

With a strategic and flexible approach, this acquisition initiative is set to redefine the capabilities and scale of the specialist and general engineering sector in the UK. Businesses with the vision to be part of this transformative journey are encouraged to take the first step towards a collective prosperous future. Contact Mark Roberts to discuss the potential that awaits.

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SaaS – Software as a Service Provider

Achieve Corporation: Leading the Way in the SaaS Market Sale

At Achieve Corporation, we specialise in navigating the complex landscape of Software as a Service (SaaS) business transactions. Our recent project managing the sale of a prominent SaaS provider stands as a testament to our expertise and strategic prowess in this dynamic sector.

Client Focus: A Visionary SaaS Provider. Our client, a distinguished SaaS provider, aspired to expand their reach in the financial markets. Their goal was to merge into a larger PLC, leveraging their innovative solutions to scale new heights. This ambition required a partner adept in the nuances of the SaaS market and skilled in handling high-stake transactions.

Our Role: Confidentiality and Strategic Auctioneering. As the sell-side advisor, our role was pivotal. We orchestrated a confidential auction, a strategic choice that ensured competitive bidding while maintaining the confidentiality essential in such high-level transactions. This approach not only protected our client’s interests but also maximised their market potential, attracting serious buyers willing to recognise the full value of the SaaS provider.

Result: A Landmark Transaction. The result of our strategic auctioneering was nothing short of remarkable. We successfully managed the auction process, leading it to a successful completion. The intense interest generated in the market was evident in the receipt of 12 sealed bids. What made this achievement particularly noteworthy was the quality of these bids – each one made at full enterprise value. This outcome not only validated our client’s market standing but also demonstrated our ability to attract bids that reflect the true worth of a SaaS business. Furthermore, the terms of the sale were exceptionally favourable: 100% cash on completion, on a cash and debt-free basis. This ensured a clear and advantageous financial transition for our client.

Achieve Corporation: Your Expert in SaaS Business Transactions. This project underlines Achieve Corporation’s position as an authority in the SaaS business sale arena. Our expertise lies not just in executing transactions, but in elevating them to achieve optimal outcomes. We understand the SaaS market’s intricacies and leverage this knowledge to our clients’ advantage, ensuring transactions that are not only successful but also strategically sound.

In summary, Achieve Corporation’s successful project management in the sale of a SaaS provider demonstrates our deep market understanding and strategic auctioneering capabilities. We deliver results that not only meet but exceed client expectations, reaffirming our status as a leader in the SaaS sector.

For further information, arrange a private, confidential call at a time to suit you with Mark Roberts – Senior Partner: Financial Modelling and Valuations Analyst (FMVA) and Commercial Banking and Credit Analyst (CBCA).

Email Mark at

Or visit our Home page by clicking here.

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UK Industrial Cleaning and Food Hygiene Services

Achieve Corporation: Navigating the Sale of a Premier UK Industrial Cleaning and Food Hygiene Services Company

In the intricate sector of industrial cleaning and food hygiene services, facilitating a successful business sale requires not only profound sector knowledge but also a tailored approach to meet the unique needs of the industry. Achieve Corporation’s recent success in managing the sale of Partners in Hygiene Ltd, a leader in UK Industrial Cleaning and Food Hygiene Services, stands as a testament to our expertise and strategic capabilities in this specialised field.

Client Spotlight: Partners in Hygiene Ltd. Our client, Partners in Hygiene Ltd, has established itself as a forerunner in the UK’s industrial cleaning and food hygiene sector. Tasked with the disposal of the business to an appropriate buyer, the challenge was to find a partner that not only aligned financially but also shared the company’s management culture and ethos.

Our Role: Strategic Market Assessment and Buyer Engagement. Our role was comprehensive and multi-faceted. We commenced with an in-depth review of the market opportunities and a careful benchmarking of the possible share price, ensuring that our client’s business was valued accurately and attractively. Identifying and engaging the right buyers was pivotal. Our focus was on sourcing buyers whose management style and ethos mirrored that of our client, culminating in the generation of competitive sealed bids. A significant part of our mandate was to assist a German-based buyer, Leadec Group, in their first acquisition in the UK division, guiding them meticulously through the process.

Result: A Strategic and Profitable Sale The culmination of our efforts was the successful sale of Partners in Hygiene Ltd to Leadec Group, a non-trade buyer. This sale was not just a transaction but a strategic alignment, bringing together two entities that shared a vision for excellence in the industrial cleaning and food hygiene space. Leadec Group, with its impressive portfolio of 20,000 employees, 300 locations, and sales amounting to 900 million euros, was the ideal match, reflecting the high value and market position of our client.

Achieve Corporation: Your Trusted Advisor in Business Sales.. This project is a prime example of Achieve Corporation’s capability to facilitate high-calibre sales in specialised industries. Our approach is characterised by thorough market analysis, strategic buyer sourcing, and a commitment to aligning with our client’s culture and ethos, ensuring transactions that are not only successful but also strategically beneficial.

In summary, Achieve Corporation stands as an authoritative figure in the management and execution of business sales in the industrial cleaning and food hygiene sector. Our success in the sale of Partners in Hygiene Ltd underscores our expertise in handling complex transactions, delivering results that surpass client expectations and set new benchmarks in the industry.

For further information, arrange a private, confidential call at a time to suit you with Mark Roberts – Senior Partner: Financial Modelling and Valuations Analyst (FMVA) and Commercial Banking and Credit Analyst (CBCA).

Email Mark at

Or visit our Home page by clicking here.