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Are you part of the 98% of business owners pondering, “Who will value my business?” If so, this video is your essential guide, designed to unravel the valuation conundrum in just 90 seconds. Understanding the value of your business is not just beneficial; it’s critical. However, the biggest hurdle often comes down to deciding who should perform this crucial assessment.

The Valuation Dilemma: Navigating Your Options

When the question arises, “Who will value my business?”, many business owners feel tempted to tackle the task themselves. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and professional advisors alike may consider DIY valuation methods. But, is this a realistic approach? The complexity of choosing the right valuation formula—be it enterprise value, equity value, cost to entry, precedent transactions, or the intricate discounted cash flow—can be daunting. Moreover, understanding which performance ratios to use and how to forecast your business’s future only adds layers of complexity.

Professional Insights: Beyond DIY

This leads us back to the critical question: “Who will value my business?” While consulting an accountant might seem like the next logical step, unless they possess a deep involvement in current M&A activities and a track record in business sales and acquisitions, their valuation might not hit the mark. Independence in valuation is crucial for credibility and accuracy, steering us away from biased estimations.

Expert Valuation: The Path Forward

So, “Who will value my business?” This video proposes a definitive answer, introducing a professional, efficient, and transparent valuation service ready in just five working days. Tailored for business owners seeking clarity and precision, our service offers valuations written in plain English, backed by insights from professionals actively involved in the M&A market and qualified as FMVA and CBCA. Our report delivers specific valuation metrics and key performance ratios, presenting a clear picture of what your business is worth now and in the future.

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