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Civil Engineering Companies Wanted for Acquisition by Company B: A Strategic Growth Initiative

Civil Engineering Companies Wanted for Acquisition – Completion end April 2024

With the architectural landscape ever-evolving and the global economy becoming increasingly interconnected, the civil engineering sector stands as a cornerstone of innovation and development. Company B, an esteemed entity within this dynamic industry, has announced an ambitious plan to augment its current market presence through strategic acquisitions. Following a successful revenue generation of £78 million last year and the incorporation of a key acquisition into its portfolio, Company B is set to embark on a new phase of expansion.

Sustainable Growth through Selective Integration

Company B is actively seeking to acquire two civil engineering firms this year, with a dedicated budget of £7 million – a figure that flexibly hinges on the deal structure and the value of the company acquired. This strategic initiative is propelled by a standard deal structure that promises 85% of total consideration on day 1, with the balance being paid quarterly over the subsequent two years. This model has been designed to foster a smooth transition and ensure operational continuity.

A Collaborative Approach to Mergers and Acquisitions

Understanding the intrinsic value of the leadership that drove their target companies to success, Company B proposes that business owners remain with the firm until the complete consideration is paid. This collaborative approach guarantees that the acquired companies benefit from the security and strategic direction of Company B while preserving the entrepreneurial spirit and customer relationships that have been the hallmark of their success.

Civil Engineering Companies Wanted for Acquisition – Open Invitation to Pioneering Firms

Company B’s invitation is extended to visionary civil engineering companies poised for growth and looking to amplify their impact within the industry. If your company is driven by a pioneering spirit and a proven track record, and you are considering a merger or acquisition as a pathway to further success, Company B presents an unparalleled opportunity.

Civil Engineering Companies Wanted for Acquisition – Engagement and Next Steps

To explore the prospects of this compelling opportunity, business owners and decision-makers are encouraged to initiate a dialogue with Simon Ascroft, Partner at Company B, by reaching out via or engaging through the provided contact channels. This outreach is the first step towards a potential alignment with Company B’s robust expansion strategy, presenting a symbiotic relationship that could redefine the future of civil engineering.


In conclusion, Company B’s targeted search for acquisitions reflects a meticulous and calculated approach to growth in the civil engineering sector. The deliberate deal structure and the emphasis on collaborative transition offer a promising horizon for potential companies. With an experienced partner at the helm of the acquisition process, Company B assures that the integration will not only be seamless but also strategically advantageous, heralding a new chapter of innovation and leadership in the civil engineering space.


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