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Project Saturn

Civil Engineering and Construction Companies Wanted for Acquisition: A Forward-Thinking Strategy

Civil Engineering and Construction Companies Wanted for Acquisition – Before End of April 2024

The structural foundation of our future is being laid today by businesses in the civil engineering and construction sectors. As an authoritative leader in mergers and acquisitions, we understand the critical role these industries play in shaping skylines and economies alike. At the heart of this progress is a strategic opportunity: we are working with several key players in civil engineering and construction to facilitate a series of targeted acquisitions before the end of April 2024.

A Methodical Approach to Expansion

The companies we represent are committed to strategic growth through acquisition, adhering to a best practice format that guarantees impartiality and precision. This format involves a thorough scoring system and project management protocol to ensure all potential acquisitions align with each company’s unique strategy. The goal is to benchmark every potential target against stringent criteria, ensuring only those that align with the acquiring company’s vision and objectives are considered.

Unifying Vision and Strategy

This rigorous approach culminates in a unified decision-making process wherein entire Boards convene every 30 days. These meetings serve a pivotal role in formulating offers and signing off on target companies that resonate with the predefined acquisition briefs. This systematic and strategic method underscores the commitment to not just grow, but to grow right – with the right partners, at the right time, under the right terms.

Security and Confidentiality at the Forefront

The integrity of the process is paramount, and as such, all interactions and negotiations are safeguarded by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). This ensures that confidentiality is maintained, protecting all parties involved. Before discussions commence, a complete project brief is agreed upon and signed, setting the stage for transparent and focused dialogues.

Civil Engineering and Construction Companies Wanted for Acquisition – An Open Invitation to Potential Acquisitions

We understand the significance of legacy and the impact of growth on all stakeholders involved in an acquisition. If you are at the helm of a civil engineering or construction company and believe that your business has what it takes to add value to our clients, this is your invitation to join a growth trajectory that promises not just expansion, but evolution.

Contact Simon Ashcroft at to explore this opportunity. The synergy of your company’s expertise and the expansive vision of our clients could forge a new path in the civil engineering and construction industry.


The call for acquisitions is a pivotal step towards constructing a robust consortium of civil engineering and construction firms under our clients’ leadership. With an emphasis on impartiality, strategic alignment, and the collective expertise of seasoned Boards, the acquisition process we champion is designed to be seamless, equitable, and advantageous for all involved.

This opportunity extends beyond the immediate horizon of growth; it is a chance to cement your company’s place in an evolving landscape, where the scale of operations and collaborative ventures will define the future of the civil engineering and construction sectors.

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UK Industrial Cleaning and Food Hygiene Services

Achieve Corporation: Navigating the Sale of a Premier UK Industrial Cleaning and Food Hygiene Services Company

In the intricate sector of industrial cleaning and food hygiene services, facilitating a successful business sale requires not only profound sector knowledge but also a tailored approach to meet the unique needs of the industry. Achieve Corporation’s recent success in managing the sale of Partners in Hygiene Ltd, a leader in UK Industrial Cleaning and Food Hygiene Services, stands as a testament to our expertise and strategic capabilities in this specialised field.

Client Spotlight: Partners in Hygiene Ltd. Our client, Partners in Hygiene Ltd, has established itself as a forerunner in the UK’s industrial cleaning and food hygiene sector. Tasked with the disposal of the business to an appropriate buyer, the challenge was to find a partner that not only aligned financially but also shared the company’s management culture and ethos.

Our Role: Strategic Market Assessment and Buyer Engagement. Our role was comprehensive and multi-faceted. We commenced with an in-depth review of the market opportunities and a careful benchmarking of the possible share price, ensuring that our client’s business was valued accurately and attractively. Identifying and engaging the right buyers was pivotal. Our focus was on sourcing buyers whose management style and ethos mirrored that of our client, culminating in the generation of competitive sealed bids. A significant part of our mandate was to assist a German-based buyer, Leadec Group, in their first acquisition in the UK division, guiding them meticulously through the process.

Result: A Strategic and Profitable Sale The culmination of our efforts was the successful sale of Partners in Hygiene Ltd to Leadec Group, a non-trade buyer. This sale was not just a transaction but a strategic alignment, bringing together two entities that shared a vision for excellence in the industrial cleaning and food hygiene space. Leadec Group, with its impressive portfolio of 20,000 employees, 300 locations, and sales amounting to 900 million euros, was the ideal match, reflecting the high value and market position of our client.

Achieve Corporation: Your Trusted Advisor in Business Sales.. This project is a prime example of Achieve Corporation’s capability to facilitate high-calibre sales in specialised industries. Our approach is characterised by thorough market analysis, strategic buyer sourcing, and a commitment to aligning with our client’s culture and ethos, ensuring transactions that are not only successful but also strategically beneficial.

In summary, Achieve Corporation stands as an authoritative figure in the management and execution of business sales in the industrial cleaning and food hygiene sector. Our success in the sale of Partners in Hygiene Ltd underscores our expertise in handling complex transactions, delivering results that surpass client expectations and set new benchmarks in the industry.

For further information, arrange a private, confidential call at a time to suit you with Mark Roberts – Senior Partner: Financial Modelling and Valuations Analyst (FMVA) and Commercial Banking and Credit Analyst (CBCA).

Email Mark at

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Nutraceuticals Company – Successful Auction

Achieve Corporation: Your Partner in High-Value Business Sales

Achieve Corporation specialises in facilitating high-stakes business sales, and our latest success story involves the sale of a unique Nutraceuticals Company. With new intellectual property and products, this company represented a prime opportunity in the pharmaceutical sector.Objective-Focused Strategy:

Our mandate was clear: project manage the sale of the Nutraceuticals Company, leveraging its innovative intellectual property and new products. We crafted a financial business case tailored for a limited auction, targeting key players in the pharmaceutical industry.

Targeted Approach for Maximum Value:

Our approach was focused and selective, inviting bids from carefully chosen companies that aligned with the Nutraceuticals Company’s vision and value proposition. This strategy was pivotal in drawing genuine interest and competitive offers.

Exceptional Sale Results:

The result of our strategic approach was impressive. We received four offers for the Nutraceuticals Company, each at 118% over the book price. This significant overvaluation is a testament to the effectiveness of our targeted auction process and the intrinsic value of the company’s intellectual property and new products.

Conclusion – Experts in Strategic Business Sales:

At Achieve Corporation, we don’t just facilitate business transactions; we create opportunities for exceptional outcomes. Our work with the Nutraceuticals Company showcases our ability to navigate complex sales, maximise value, and achieve remarkable results. Partner with us for your business sale needs, and experience the benefit of strategic expertise and tailored execution.

Achieve Corporation – Where Strategy Meets Success.

For further information, arrange a private, confidential call at a time to suit you with Mark Roberts – Senior Partner: Financial Modelling and Valuations Analyst (FMVA) and Commercial Banking and Credit Analyst (CBCA).

Email Mark at

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Civil Engineering – Project Build

We are working with a number of companies who operate within the Civil Engineering and Construction sector who are looking to make a number of acquisitions before end of November 2018 .

To ensure impartiality in all acquisitions that the companies wish to pursue, the boards of each company have adopted a best practice format to score and project manage their acquisitions.

This approach ensures that all potential target companies are benchmarked against the acquisition strategy of each acquiring company, and a collective decision by the entire board is taken on which acquisitions to pursue.

All parties are protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements and a full project brief is signed off by all parties who enter discussions.

The senior Board for each company have agreed to meet every 60 days to formulate offers and ‘sign off’ on all target companies that match their acquisition briefs.

If You Feel Your Business Would Be of Value to Our Clients, Please Contact James Bradlay at: